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SilviBio honoured as Famigro Award winner

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

At this year’s Friends of the Countryside general assembly in Poznań, SilviBio and Alicja Dzieciol won this year’s Famigro Award!

Awarded to “the best European rural entrepreneurship project each year,” the Young Friends of the Countryside and the award's sponsor, Karl Grotenfelt, seek to honour “...a young European entrepreneur who is making a special contribution to the rural economy and environment.”

We at SilviBio feel very privileged to be recognised for our work in growing more trees, more sustainably and feel Alicja put it best in her acceptance speech:

“SilviBio itself [wouldn’t] exist without the continuous support from our colleagues, our forestry partners and our ecosystem collaborators. That is what truly led me to being on this stage in front of you today and accepting this award”

above photograph ©️ FCS2023

Thus, we’d like to take this opportunity to recognise and thank our earliest supporters, CivTech and Forestry and Land Scotland for believing in our mission when it was still only Alicja’s dream. Now that dream is becoming more and more real with each seed sown and seedling planted.

For more information about the European Landowners’ Organization, Young Friends of the Countryside and the Famigro Award, check out the upcoming August issue of the CountrySide Magazine!


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