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CEO and co-founder "rising star of Scottish Business"

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Co-founder and CEO of SilviBio, Alicja Dzieciol, was selected as one of 35 rising stars of Scottish business under 35, in an article by the Scottish Business Insider.

Image: Sandy Young,

The age 35 was chosen because it is "a point in time where business people can reflect on their first dozen or so years in the work environment, learning how to deal with colleagues, build networks and develop their thinking." However, the nominees were from a range of ages, diverse backgrounds and companies.

The article highlighted Alicja's work since founding SilviBio to respond to the growing global tree-seed shortage. SilviBio makes a range of products to increase seedling production including moisture-retaining soil additives and seed coatings.

Limited tree-seed stocks must be used effectively to meet the many net zero pledges which rely on ever-growing tree planting commitments. The technologies developed at SilviBio increase germination and seedling survival rates and therefore, directly address climate change.

Alicja's business inspiration is her business development advisor, George Lindsay, a GlobalScot with 30-years of upper-level business experience. George's excellent advice and support has be invaluable to Alicja in developing her business.

The Scottish Business Insider article, by Kenny Kemp and Peter A Walker, is available in digital format on their website:


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