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Seed Treatments


Pelleting and encrustment

Using the same patent-pending seed coating technology as SilviCoat Forester, SilviBio has developed formulations that can be used to form encrusted seed or pellets.  


The biobased, microplastic-free formulation contains moisture-retaining materials and can be adapted to incorporate any essential nutrients required by the seed.  

SilviCoat Forester

SilviCoat Forester is a novel, patent-pending biobased seed coating formulation with significant moisture-retaining properties.  It has been developed and formulated to create a water-swellable film on tree seeds.


Its key features include:


  • A thin-film seed coating for easy storage and sowing. 

  • A film coating that captures water and swells up to 50 times.

  • Sustainable, biopolymer-based formulation, providing an alternative to petroleum-based polymers currently used by the coating industry.

  • Biodegradable and microplastic-free.

  • Up to 40% improvement in germination in dry conditions.

Coated seeds: film, encrusted, pelleting

At SilviBio, we go to great lengths to not only make effective seed coatings, but we try to make them easy to use. 

Contact us to find out more about our coating service.

Agriculture and Horticulture

SilviBio's patent-pending seed coating technology can be used to create effective seed coating formulations for use on horticultural and agricultural seeds.


The materials used in the coating are biobased, microplastic-free and can be adapted to meet the requirements of different seed types, including providing 

any essential nutrients required by the seed.  



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