New Beginning

Alicja and Mariela founded SilviBio in Autumn 2019 to mitigate the climate crisis through products designed to increase tree seed germination and seedling survival.  In particular, our products minimise the harmful effects of water scarcity on tree seeds and seedlings. Given increasing governmental and private tree planting commitments alongside growing commercial demand for sustainable timber, maximising the number of trees that successfully germinate and survive past their adolescent seedling phase is paramount to crafting a more sustainable future.


SilviBio's role is to be one of the myriad of flagstones that will pave this pathway to a more equitable and environmentally conscientious world.

Tiny Green Plants

Meet The Team


Alicja Dzieciol

Co-founder and CEO

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Dr. Alicja Dzieciol is an award-winning scientist entrepreneur. Inspired by her love of nature and grounded in her chemistry expertise, she originated SilviBio and its technology.

Since then, she has grown our team, secured pilot studies and funding on the path to commercialisation.


Naomi Brown

Product Development Manager

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Dr. Naomi Brown has a PhD in Chemistry, specifically polymers, soft matter and colloids.

Using her experience in formulation development, she has refined our products and explores new use cases for our technologies.


Cristina Rodriguez Gil

Senior Plant and Soil Scientist

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Dr. Cristina Rodriguez Gil has a PhD in Environmental Sciences and over 10 years of experience in plant science and soil bioremediation.

At SilviBio, she conducts in-house and field trial evaluations and verifies application protocols.


Mariela Aguilera Miranda

Co-founder and CSO

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Dr. Mariela Aguilera Miranda is an expert in plant resilience under environmentally challenging conditions. 

She is a plant scientist who channels her over ten years experience and her passion for sustainability into our product development.


Philip Shelton

Operations Officer

Philip Shelton is responsible for smoothly running SilviBio's day-to-day operations and administration


George Lindsay 

Business Development Advisor

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George Lindsay has worked at C-level positions for several multinational corporations and formed/co-founded 7 companies. He supports SilviBio's growth using his 30 years of experience in marketing and sales in the Agri-tech space.