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Innovations in Seed and Soil Performance Technology

We help growers improve productivity and environmental sustainability
through the use of biobased seed coating and soil additive technologies.

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What we do

SilviBio Limited is an innovative science-based company specialising in developing novel products that will significantly improve yield results in both the Forestry and the Agriculture sector. 


Alicja and Mariela founded SilviBio in Autumn 2019 to mitigate the climate crisis through products designed to increase tree seed germination and seedling survival.  In particular, our products minimise the harmful effects of water scarcity on tree seeds and seedlings.

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Creating Sustainable Products

for Forestry and Agriculture

SilviBio's technology aims to maximise tree seed germination and seedling establishment while reducing water usage and synthetic agricultural inputs (fertiliser, soil amendments, etc).

SilviBio’s product catalogue helps maximise tree seed germination and seedling establishment.

From tree seed coatings that absorb water and can deliver biostimulants directly to the roots to soil conditioners that work with current forestry practices, we work directly with forest nurseries and tree-planting programmes to find approaches that work best for your needs.


We work with forest nurseries and tree-planting programmes to improve the effectiveness of seed use and establishment.  



We’re happy to hear from you - whether you have questions about our products, an interest in trials or a press inquiry.

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