Our mission is to help farmers and foresters adapt to water scarcity and increasingly common drought periods.

We create innovative seed and soil treatment technologies that not only use water and fertilisers more productively but boost seed germination and seedling establishment as well.


Global Reforestation Targets 

As both government and private organisations commit to larger reforestation efforts, several factors hamper their success.  

Increasingly, droughts and water shortages are becoming the norm and devastate all aspects of the forestry industry. These events can kill or render useless 85-90% of tree seed and seedlings at bare-root nurseries, resulting in million-pound losses per nursery.

With already low germination rates of 10%, direct and/or aerial seeding becomes even less effective during water shortages.

Coupled with the growing demand for sustainable timber, there simply isn’t enough tree seed stock to supply current demand, and it takes decades to establish tree seed orchards. Thus, the world needs to fill the widening supply gap today.


What We Do

Creating Sustainable Products for Forestry

SilviBio's technology aims to fill this supply gap and maximise tree seed germination and seedling establishment while reducing water usage and synthetic agricultural inputs (fertiliser, soil amendments, etc).

SilviBio’s product catalogue helps maximise tree seed germination and seedling establishment.

From tree seed coatings that absorb water and can deliver biostimulants directly to the roots to soil conditioners that work with current forestry practices, we work directly with forest nurseries and tree-planting programmes to find approaches that work best for your needs.


We work with forest nurseries and tree-planting programmes to improve the effectiveness of seed use and establishment.  


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