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SilviBio Water Steward


SilviBio has developed a soil conditioner for field application that provides protection against crop failure due to drought conditions or low soil moisture.

 In water deficit conditions, the soil additive improves germination by 40% and can save up to 50 million litres of water per 1 million seedlings. 

Its key features include:

  • A biobased, biodegradable, microplastic-free soil additive.

  • Improving soil water holding capacity by minimising excessive water drainage and evaporation, meaning plants need less watering.

  • Enables extension of the growing season by improving seedling establishment.

  • Reduces plant stress caused by drought and transplant shock

  • Reduces nutrient leaching. This can enhance the fertiliser use efficiency by extending the nutrient release period.

  • There is no need to change growing systems: the conditioner can be supplied in a powder form and used with existing nursery machinery.​​

Image by Henry Be


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